Perplexed, but ready.

Perplexed. Yes, perplexed. Because COVID-19 is not yet definitively defeated in Italy. Because it is a question of playing every 3 days with probable fatigue and consequent injuries. All this before the Europa League which mainly for two reasons must be the main objective: 1) Because it is a prestigious competition and unless there are playoffs, it is the only competition we can take home. 2) Because at the moment my feeling is that it is easier to arrive in the Champions League as an EL winner than as fourth in Serie A, even if there are several independent variables that can go crazy in Serie A. There will be no audience, cheering and football loses a lot without the ultrà (although we talk about it often and out of turn badly).

Ok, perplexed, but we're ready. We must ready because we are called in battle. We have 12 games in 40 days, but we face them with a good team and coach staff. I believe in every single player. I believe in every single member of the coach staff. We can win against anyone, starting from Sampdoria, ending with Juve. I will put my soul into winning always, even if on the last day Lazio played the championship with Juventus (although for various reasons I tend to exclude it). And then it won't be over. In August we will face the Europa League. The goal is this. Arrive in Gdansk and celebrate the victory at the end of the evening. We can, we must and we will succeed. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to every single Roma supporter, player and employee. We'll make it. Daje Roma!

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