We haven't to debate on Roma, we must love her.

Roma won 3 league titles, 9 Italian Cups, 2 Italian Super Cups, 1 UEFA Cup and 1 Anglo-Italian cup. Between 40 and 80 he won 1 Scudetto, 3 Italian Cups (also considering the 1979-80 border one), 1 Anglo-Italian cup and 1 UEFA Cup. Between 80 and 10 we won 2 championships, 6 Italian cups and 2 Italian Super Cups (cup born in the 90s). If we think then that in the 90s we won only one Italian Cup (in the 1990s -91, therefore also on the border). the wins shrink between the 80-90 and 00-10 period. In general, it can be seen that in the second forty years we have won most of the trophies and we have had much better placements, so much so that in the 40-80 period, the best placements were third place in 1954-55 and in 1974- 75 and we also had the relegation of 50-51, which made the great Romanist actor Renato Rascel exclaim: We haven't to debate on Roma, we must love her.. While between 00-20 we arrived 9 times second, which certainly means a lot of bitterness, but also many important victories crowned by the splendid Champions League semifinal of 17-18.

10-20. Se ci fermiamo ad una lettura superficiale e provinciale, la lettura dell’ultimo decennio è negativa per la sconfitta in Coppa Italia subita dalla Lazio del 2013, ma se ci ricordiamo le tante volte che siamo arrivati secondi(3), le qualificazioni in Champions (4) (anche a scapito della Lazio che per prestigio e a livello economico valgono di più del 26 maggio), the picture of this decade is rationally positive. At the end of the 70s, Roma with Viola made a leap in quality propitiated by the modern and revolutionary ideas of his precursor, Anzalone. Likewise, after a tough battle, Pallotta (or his successor) will start building the Stadio della Roma which can mark (if God wants) a further qualitative leap among the biggest clubs in the world.

In the tough battle of the stadium, the Roma fans were a factor, who formed themselves into a real group of social power at the electoral level, putting pressure on the mayor, Virginia Raggi, who to be re-elected (but this speech applies to any candidate) is speeding up the bureaucratic process. Social networks between 10-20 have become extremely important both politically and on a sports level. This is good, but it is also bad. Just a fake-news from a source that we believe reliable and many Romans at the same time particularly suggestible and capable of moving the opinions of many others go into the most total delusion against the club. An exampe was the fake-news on Petrachi, who will probably remain with Roma (as I hope both because the chaos in the social-media could take away the serenity from the team, and because it seems to me that he built an excellent team that the standings at the moment underestimates, even if the last word belongs to Pallotta). But to doubt this non-news, just think of when SKY and other important media were talking about this summer Dzeko to Inter in a totally safe and confirmed way. Which then turned out to be false, given that Dzeko is our center forward also this year. The story is always the same. we slaughter ourselves with a single victim, with whom we care most: Roma.

We are a psychologically fragile people on the edge of bipolarity. With social media, we discusses Roma on many issues: on the logo, on the management, on the technical staff, on the best scheme etc. etc. Then, however, we are all ready to support the team. We are all united. Everyone in front of the TV to support you (the team must hear it). We will all be there on the pitch and cheer for the Giallorossi. I repeat: we have a team and a high-level technical staff. The fifth place is close to us. For skills and ambitions, we can always win. For skills and ambitions, we must always take the field to win. Daje Roma!

Giordano Sepi

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