The defensive phase and the COVID.

The 2019-20 season showed an offensive phase in exponential growth and with very high potential. Given the young age of Pellegrini, Zaniolo, Carles Perez, Kluivert and Under, beyond the market that shouldn't concern the first 3, the room for improvement is very high. For this, improving the defensive phase will be decisive. The structure of the team, especially among those 11/12 almost always starter, must be conserved to preserve tactical mechanisms and group dynamics.

It is easier to win 10 1-0 games than 10 3-2 games. Often the team that wins the championship is the best defense.


The Diawara-Torreira exchange with Arsenal is a win-win choice. The African could make better use of his dynamism with higher rhythms like in the Premier League, while the lower rhythms of Serie A favor Torreira's technical quality.


Surely we would need another purchase in midfield by someone good at ball recovery (like Meitè or Duncan). Playing in Roma would then favor the improvement in the technical quality of the midfielder, as already happened with Nainggolan.

We also need to find a defender who is especially good in the defensive phase. Smalling would also do. After twenty games, if we are around 10 goals conceded, we can aim high, regardless the momentaneous table.

The worrying rise in COVID should make Serie A think. Decision-making is urgent. We must also take into consideration the choice of the NBA which brought together all the teams in the Disney World Resort in Orlando, zeroing the COVID for the players, preserving the tournament (and the money). There are many sports centers of Serie A teams that can allow this, but perhaps the best choice to put all the teams on the same level is the Coverciano's Azzurri Center or to build an ad hoc center.

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