Cagliari-Roma 1-2 and AC Milan.

InnanziTotti let me congratulate Cagliari. He played very well. He defended in the first half, when we dominated but without affecting. He took the lead with Pavoletti (1-0) and had a couple of chances to go 2-0. Bravissimo Rui Patricio in particular on the second occasion. Then we put them in trouble and they waste time with the usual game bug (they fall, die and resurrect). It is the case that the AIA decides some measures for this truly shameful tactic.

The key to the game is the entry of Felix, but the more time passes, the more whole of Roma drumming on the Cagliari fort, which in Sardinian is called Casteddu (castle). Great Zaniolo for the whole game. Then accompanied by ElSha who hits a crossbar and by Pelle who takes the post.

Then finally we take the right edge of the pole always on the corner of the great Niccolò and header from Ibanez. 1-1. Zaniolo then earns a punishment that Lorenzo brushes over Pavoletti, even if the rossoblu jumps, and crosses the crossbar. 1-2. Stubborn as Daniele Silvestri's song says, despite the many mistakes on a free kick, this time Lorenzo scored against Cagliari and his detractors.

C’ho la capoccia dura e una pazienza da leopardo (Daniele Silvestri)

Then all to defend the advantage in defense. Bravo ElSha who becomes right back. Well Kumbulla. Rome holds. Rome has personality. He has the heart to boldly face any opponent and the head to use intelligence when he needs it. Dear Milan, be careful.

The history of Milan is a century old, but the one who contributed most to its showcase was the former president Silvio Berlusconi. Silvio Berlusconi is a controversial figure in Italian society. He was Premier for a long time, convicted of tax fraud, probably favored prostitution (with his various parties with young and plasticky maidens), had contacts with the underworld and used its televisions to be successful in politics.

These are all true things. Some supported by criminal sentences. But it is also true that lately Berlusconi has much more acceptable positions such as Europeanism and the fight against COVID. Compared to Meloni and Salvini, he has very moderate and rational positions. As President of the Republic I see other more valid people.

The Cavaliere has written the history of Italy, of football and has made Milan great, which in several times under the Berlusconi presidency has been the strongest team in the world, often winning Serie A, the Champions Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. Like a drug addict in withdrawal, a few years after selling Milan, he bought Monza, where he expects the best in sporting culture from his players.

Pioli fielded the 4231 very free. The point guard is variable between Kessie, Bennacer and Tonali. The full backs go towards the center and can be the most attacking players. Saelemaekers goes towards the center for the tip for the attackers. Leao starts as a left winger, but he can also be on the right. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO ALLOW COUNTER-ATTACKS, even after exiting our pressing.

On free kicks, they defend to man, very low in order not to give depth to the cross. It is a surprising tactic for the attackers. But we have to stay calm and think about either the cross as usual or the short pass. It also depends on the position of the free kick and the angle it gives for the cross. Lateral crosses are also good. Central: short pass. On corner kicks, they defend by zone.

The point guard can be Bennacer (the best in possession and the worst in non-possession), or Kessie, or Tonali (better defensive). Under construction, they usually start with 4141 with one of the two midfielders at the same level as the attacking midfielder. Tonali is very similar to Pirlo for the tuft and because he makes good free-kick shots, otherwise he is better in ball recovery than Pirlo, but he does not have the same vision of the game and therefore tries above all to build the offensive action with dribbling. .It will be a great challenge for our midfielders to press their point guard, mainly for Pellegrini.

During the pressing phase, Brahim Diaz becomes a forward, going to press the central defender, transforming the formation into a 442. Brahim Diaz is very good in this situation and often recovers the ball in the offensive zone, even pressing the point guard.

Tatarusanu took the place of injured Maignan. He is a good goalkeeper. Very good in the outputs. He usually does not block the ball, but he rejects it, it could be decisive to shoot from outside and then be ready on the rebounds. In particular Abraham, Zaniolo, ElSha or Shomu must be ready for the tap-in.

They attack in particular from their left, our right, with the left back, Theo Hernandez (left), who can either assist or shoot hard on the far post, or with Leao (the best in attacking) who is the left winger but right-footed. He could also try a round shot with the right or strong at the near post and he is also good with the left. A good performance by Karsdorp will be important, but it will be equally important that Zaniolo give him a hand.

When Calabria gets up, Tonali or Bennacer turn to the right to have room to build. The best defensive player is Tomori, who is very good in the advance. From the right, the offensive action is initiated by Saelemaekers who often goes towards the center to look for the suggestion for the other forwards.

The soul of the club is represented by Calabria: right-back, true AC Milan player, smart about fouls suffered, who keeps the team tactically (very good in defensive and offensive phases, especially when attacking without the ball) and mentally. He can often go to the center, mainly to build offensive action.

We will challenge who most of all represents the success of Italian football in the world, but with the Olimpico at our side, nothing is forbidden. Daje Roma!

Giordano Sepi

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