Roma-Bodø/Glimt 2-2 e Venezia.

When you win, celebrate, when you lose or draw, you learn. The first important aspect is that Roma cannot do without the so-called reserves: Borja, Bove, Calafiori, Darboe, Diawara, El Shaarawi, Felix, Kumbulla, Villar and Zalewski are necessary for the team's success. Those who played yesterday, except Darboe and Zalewski, and I refer to Borja, El Shaarawi (best of the field and author of a splendid goal: a fireball) and Villar played very well. Calafiori, Darboe, Diawara and Zalewski are young and are going through a period of lows, but the Special One knows better than me that young people go through periods of ups and downs, but then they are the ones who become champions and bring you prestigious victories ( let's remember that two very young players like Santon and Balotelli won the treble with Mourinho).

Zaniolo is not having a great time either. At 0-0 he could serve Abraham in front of the empty goal and instead he tried, as always, to take the ball to the left. The opponents have understood this movement and must look for some alternatives to be less predictable.

In general we missed too many crosses, especially with Karsdorp and in fact when we crossed well Ibanez scored the final equalizer.

The salida (exit) Lavolpiana (from the name of the South American coach who invented it) with the midfielder (or playmaker) who places himself among the central backs.

La salida lavolpiana. The initial deployment with 3421 with central defensive Cristante went very well in the construction phase. Cristante's wonderful throws served Karsdorp perfectly, but then in the defensive phase we were punctured and there were two goals from Solbakken and Botheim. We can also do the construction with 3421, but then when we do the defensive phase Cristante has to be a midfielder and Mancini and Ibanez are central backs in a 4231. For the left-back position, I would give a further chance to Calafiori who played an excellent season in 20/21 and to whom we must trust more for his talent than for a sentimental speech. The same goes for Darboe, Diawara and Zalewski. Cristante is not suitable for being a central back. Pellegrini is not suited to play defensive midfielder. Ibanez is not suited to being left-back (maybe right-back yes). These are my observations, then it is right that Mourinho, who is a great coach (and let us remember), decide with the utmost freedom.

We will also see the salida Lavolpiana from Venezia (with 4312 which becomes 3412), which will be our next opponent.

If, for me, Rome is the most beautiful city in the world, many think that this honor belongs to Venice. Venice has extraordinary monuments and you can breathe magic in its streets as in the splendid Piazza San Marco, especially at Carnival. I went there as a child and I already knew about Piazza San Marco. I walked along a narrow street with one hand to dad and one hand to mom in the crowd. Now you will see something unique. My father told me. But nothing could prepare me for the wonder of Piazza San Marco, the consequence of going out of an alley and seeing the majesty of the square, of the many monuments and especially for the Basilica of San Marco. An emotion that is always valid. Like the Olimpico. As it probably was St. Peter's Square before the construction of Via della Conciliazione.

If we talk about Venice, especially in this period with COP26 where the environment is at the top of the world agenda, we must talk about climate change. If long ago scientists warned us that this change was possible, now we are experiencing it and the forecasts for the future are disastrous. We all have to do something. From the well-done separate collection, to not wasting water, to the purchase of less polluting cars, but certainly the government and world governments in general must give us a hand. As I said, the forecasts are disastrous. The overheating of the globe leads to the melting of the glaciers and the rising of the waters and therefore also the splendid Venice, stolen from the waters, could one day disappear and become a legend like the phantom Atlantis. Penzo stadium too. on the island of Sant’Elena it is stolen from the sea. It can be reached by ferry like few stadiums in the world. Born in 1913, it is a little gem.

Lo stadio Penzo di Venezia visto dal drone, in volo su Sant'Elena - La  Nuova di Venezia Venezia

Young people are our hope. Mentally open to confrontation with new cultures, to LGBTQ + movements, they are at the forefront of the fight against pollution with Greta Thunberg's movement, Frydays for future (because every Friday she went on strike for the climate). But it is such an obvious and worrying problem that even the most important governments in the world are alarmed (also thanks to the work of our intelligent Premier, Mario Draghi). Governments that then make many promises without actually acting (as Greta says "There are just blah, blah, blah"). It is important that the world act and act quickly, favoring the development of the green economy. Green Economy which has a big ally in technology. Like this fantastic iceland invention which transforms carbon dioxide into calcium carbonate, that is rock.

Paolo Zanetti puts 4312 on the field. They do asphyxiating pressing with the forwards who go to press the full backs and Aramu who goes to press the central backs.

Venezia's pressing.

The construction. The point guard is either Busio (better at construction and less in the defensive phase) or Ampadu (better in the defensive phase). They do the Salida Lavolpiana with Busio or Ampadu or Crngoj who are placed between Ceccaroni and Caldara and with the line-up that temporarily becomes 3412. Under pressure, they can also look for Henry directly. It will therefore be important that Ibanez or Mancini win in this situation.

The Venezia's costruction

The offensive phase. Let's be careful of Okereke. He is very strong in particular when he starts from the left side and then with the ball and chain goes towards the center to shoot right to round or hard. The attacking midfielder is Aramu: left and very good in the offensive phase, mainly with shooting. He prefers to play in the center. The first striker is Henry. He is a box animal. Very good on cross, especially from the bottom.

They defend man by man on corner kicks.

The wind can be a factor. If it's in favour, i suggests the shot from far.

It's the right game to find a good alchemy. We need to win. Daje Roma!

Giordano Sepi

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