Roma-Zorya 4-0 and Torino.

With Zorya attacking desperately to overtake victory in the standings, Roma played their game and hit on the counterattack. Our goals were beautiful and easy. Scored: Carles Peres with a beautiful assist from ElSha, Zaniolo (finally!), Abraham with an empty net after a splendid run by Zaniolo, and again Abraham with a wonderful overhead kick. I want to underline Missori’s debut: the first 2004 to play a European match with an Italian. It is a sign that Mourinho strongly believes in our youth. ElSha, as a full-fledged left winger, and Mkhi, as a defensive midfielder, also played very well.


The table is: Glimt 11, Roma 10, Zorya 6 and CSKA Sofia 1, as Glimt beat CSKA Sofia 2-0 at home. Roma are sure of the round of 32, but it is important to win the group to go directly to the second round. The last fish is the last day, hoping for Zorya. In the meantime, we will have to think about winning with CSKA Sofia. Now we are on track. We're on Taurus.

Missori receives the ball of the match from Mourinho.

The Toro is the history of Italian football. And today's Toro protects that glorious past on and off the pitch. President Cairo has renovated Filadelfia, the historic stadium of Grande Torino, and the thought flies towards Campo Testaccio, the cradle of the first Rome, for which various municipal administrations and management of our club have spent many promises and instead it is still full of weeds. It would be nice to see Roma women or Roma Under 19 play at Campo Testaccio as Torino does with their youth teams at Filadelfia.

Juric fielded a 3421 that moves mainly to man, also accepting the one-on-one in defense, and with aggressive pressing with the two attacking midfielders who go to press the central side defenders. They do the pressing very well, but we can overcome it with a good construction. When we overcome the initial pressing, the attacking midfielders return to the midfield line to allow the ball recovery in the center of the midfield.

They attacks principally on their right side, our left, with Singo.

They mainly build with Lukic but Pobega is also available. They can be very tricky even with Vanya's long throw. Vanya can throw either on the outside midfielders or on Belotti, who is very good at defending the ball and taking a foul (be careful!), Or at making the bank for the attacking midfielders, where Brekalo is dangerous with the shot from outside.

The header is Belotti's best feature even in the shooting phase. As an alternative to Belotti, he can play as the first striker Sanabria, more technical, in general with better ball control, but less good with the head.

If generally press by man, accepting the one vs on in defense, on the corners, defend by zone, withuout excluding an eye also for the attackers.

Historicly, The Toro is a great team especially in the defensive level, but is also a team with great pride and courage. We will try to go to win the game. They don't try the anticipation obsessively with the backs like Atalanta, but the brave attitude, typical of Toro, can open spaces for our counter-attacks like with Zorya. There will be also times that we will command the match. We will have to defend and attack according to the situation. The Olimpico is our home. We wil have to honour it. Daje Roma!

Giordano Sepi

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