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Roma – Raja 5-0

This Rome has great personality. The management showed personality with the sale of Dzeko to Inter. But the combative attitude is not just of the club, Mourinho brought this to the team, helped by the amalgamation cemented over time in our group. The attitude from ...

Betis – Roma 5-2

Let's start with the tactical analysis. Roma played badly. Regardless of the referee and the mismanagement of anger, Roma played badly. Betis are a broadly within reach team and we accepted that they command the game without being bad enough on counter attacks. The 2-1 of the first half is a negative figure, regardless of bad luck and possible responsibility of Rui Patricio in the second goal.

Saturday opponent: the Betis.

Seville. First an Islamic and then a Spanish city. Crossroads of different cultures, religions and powers. It is right to talk about Seville, when we talk about Real Betis Balompiè (Balompiè is a more Spanish way of calling football than the Anglo-Saxon futebol), also because in this summer full of commitments, we also faced the cousins of Sevilla FC( 0-0).

Roma – Belenenses 3-1

Some careless mistakes. Well the pressing. We suffer a little in game construction. We often forget that when they press, passing the ball forward, not necessarily with long balls, can create situations of numerical superiority. In general we played well and won quite naturally.

Tomorrow opponent: the FC Porto.

They are the most European Portuguese team in Portugal by tradition, showcase and tactical mentality. Usually the Portuguese are especially good in passing-game, building slowly with a dense network of short passes, instead the

Roma – Debreceni 5-2

Starting at a disadvantage due to a nasty distraction by the defense, Roma were able to slowly take command of the game and then dominated. Thanks to two long balls [first by Ibanez and then by Zalewski (excellent performance)], the two goals of Borjita and Pellegrini 2-1 arrived.

Tomorrow opponent: the Debreceni VSC.

Debreceni VSC are the team from Debrecen, the second largest city in Hungary by population. They play with 4231 and have a tactical attitude based on the quality of the opponent: if they are technically superior, they seek dominance of the game, if inferior, they have a humbler and more defensive attitude, trying to start off on the counterattack. The city Debreceni is a great cultural, tourist center and organizes many events for young people.