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Genoa-Roma 0-2 and Zorya.

Roma dominated the whole game and, despite the unsportsmanlike attitude of the genoans who threw themselves to the ground on every occasion, they managed to win in the end. The genoans fell, died and rose again after a few minutes. It is not possible for a team to be allowed to waste time with this unsportsmanlike method. Simulators must be cautioned.


With Bodø / Glimt at 7 points and us at 6, for our qualities, for the Olimpico, we must set ourselves the goal of victory and peremptory victory. The situation of Northern Norway's yellow lightning bolts is symmetrically opposite and even a draw would suit them.

Bodø/Glimt-Roma 6-1 e Napoli.

We have been ashamed. Norwegians are like that. If they lose 6-0 in injury time, they play to win. If they can make you 12, they make you 12. If they can make you 6, they make you 6. On the other hand we had already tasted this type of vibrant competitive spirit with Manchester United and Bayern Munich and it is no coincidence that there are 2 other teams with a Protestant ethic.


One of the reasons for the Protestant Reformation was based on the moral question, in particular on the sale of indulgences, and therefore on the ethical questions that everyone should ask themselves, that is, why prefer the common good to the individual good and therefore to corruption. While Great Britain, and therefore also the USA, chose the path of liberalism, Scandinavia, and therefore also Norway, chose the path of social democracy, particularly in the 1900s.