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In deep Emilia, in the deep Po valley, the land of "Il Communista" by Guido Morselli, or if you prefer the more famous "Peppone and Don Camillo", Sassuolo rises. Sassuolo is in the province of Modena, but plays in nearby Reggio Emilia at ...

Salernitana – Roma 0-4

It was not an easy game with seahorses often deployed with 541 to only play defensive phase for the draw. Lorenzo's goal was fundamental to unlock the game. In general, despite the orthodox tactical discipline of the ...

Roma-Trab 3-0 and Salernitana.

Roma qualify for the Conference League groups, winning with confidence and safety on the Trab even at home. The goals were: by Bryan Cristante, with a venomous blow from outside the area, by Zaniolo, a beautiful and moving…

Roma – Fiorentina 3-1

Roma win against an excellent Fiorentina. Suffers but wins. Tammy Abraham is great. First he provokes Dragowski's red card and then serves a perfect assist to Mkhi who scores. 1-0. 11 against 10 we are lazy. We don't kill the game...


When we talk about Fiorentina it is right to speak of the most beautiful historical period from an artistic point of view and decisive from the point of view of progress, especially of Capitalism: the Renaissance. Florence and the Medici were dominant from a cultural and economic point of view (the first banks were born in Florence) in this period (not from a military point of view, but this aspect is not always necessary to be the most powerful and more remember in the future city and family).

Sunday opponent: Spezia.

We face the last day with the fate of Europe next year in our hands. If we win, we are sure of the Conference League. It is also true that we face a team without pressure and who will want to make a good impression at home.

Roma – Lazio 2-0

above all he made an excellent defensive phase and then hit on the counterattack. Daniele is an excellent journalist who sees the natural evolution of Italian football in the European offensive game.

Saturday opponent: Lazio.

The same attitude against any opponent means showing a lot of courage, but also little tactical intelligence. This is a concept that Fonseca has always rejected, boldly facing any opponent. Instead there are games that, due to the characteristics and quality of the opponent, you must also know how to set them on defense and counter-attack. This is the case with the derby.