One of the reasons for the Protestant Reformation was based on the moral question, in particular on the sale of indulgences, and therefore on the ethical questions that everyone should ask themselves, that is, why prefer the common good to the individual good and therefore to corruption. While Great Britain, and therefore also the USA, chose the path of liberalism, Scandinavia, and therefore also Norway, chose the path of social democracy, particularly in the 1900s.

In fact, in Norway there is a functioning welfare system: free education and health, many public employees, high pensions and benefits, very high tax pressure and very high unemployment income. The unemployed do not stay out of work for a long time, but are quickly relocated by the state. It is a system that works because Protestantism gives it an ethic by which they realize very well that the good of the community is also an individual good (a maturity that is completely lacking here in Italy, where the money of the state is spent in an too cheerful). Here, corruption is very low.

This maturation favored by a high level of education and a Protestant ethic leads them to treat humanly terrible pieces of shit like Breivik, who killed hundreds of people at a Socialist Party party. A mercy unknown in other Protestant countries such as the USA, due to Norway's socialist vocation.

Unfortunately, the long winter and the six months of night bring negative thoughts to these highly developed countries, which should be so happy, instead they have a very high suicide rate. It would take a marriage between the Protestant socialist ethic of the Scandinavians and the Mediterranean lifestyle, so that they teach us ethics and we teach us how to live better, perhaps with some truly Italian restaurant, as Zalone teaches in the film "Quo vado" .

Knutsen lines up 433 which becomes 451 in the defensive phase. It is a team based on determination and the will to fight rather than on technical quality as the Norwegian teams usually are. They have a lot of possession in Elitserien (the Norwegian championship where they are first in the standings), but I do not rule out that with us they may seek the long ball more often. In the offensive phase they are looking above all for a cross for Botheim or for a midfielder that fits in.

The players with the highest technical quality are the left-back (Bjorkan), the left-winger (Pellegrino) and the right-winger (Solbakken) who deliver very sweet, and even a little slow, crosses for Botheim. They play with inverted-footed wings. Pellegrino is the left wing but he is right. Solbakken is the right winger but he is left. In the offensive phase, the two midfielders are inserted to help the attacking action and for the crosses of the wings.

Solbakken takes the corner from their right. On the corner kicks in the defensive phase, they defend man to man.

Elitserien are not the most technical championship in the world, but Bodø / Glimt are on their way to victory in the championship and should be given due consideration. We can make a wide rotation of the starters, but whoever takes the field will have to sweat. We can also win big. Daje Roma!

Giordano Sepi

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