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Genoa-Roma 0-2 and Zorya.

Roma dominated the whole game and, despite the unsportsmanlike attitude of the genoans who threw themselves to the ground on every occasion, they managed to win in the end. The genoans fell, died and rose again after a few minutes. It is not possible for a team to be allowed to waste time with this unsportsmanlike method. Simulators must be cautioned.

Roma-Milan 1-2.

To talk about Roma-Milan, we must start from the eve with the Milanista social media to push on the narrative of Maresca from Naples who would have favored Roma. The result is a more AC Milan referee than the AC Milan fans. At the beginning, AC Milan’s offside were not sanctioned either. Milan plays better, Ibra's clever goal arrives and his consequent UNACCEPTABLE provocation at the Curva Sud. Unpunished.

Cagliari-Roma 1-2 and AC Milan.

InnanziTotti let me congratulate Cagliari. He played very well. He defended in the first half, when we dominated but without affecting. He took the lead with Pavoletti (1-0) and had a couple of chances to go 2-0. Bravissimo Rui...

Bodø/Glimt-Roma 6-1 e Napoli.

We have been ashamed. Norwegians are like that. If they lose 6-0 in injury time, they play to win. If they can make you 12, they make you 12. If they can make you 6, they make you 6. On the other hand we had already tasted this type of vibrant competitive spirit with Manchester United and Bayern Munich and it is no coincidence that there are 2 other teams with a Protestant ethic.

Juve – Roma 1-0

Roma lose more for unfortunate episodes than for the greater value of the opponent. Allegri also said at the end of the game that they were favorites for some episodes and Roma deserved at least a draw. Orsato's mistake was serious, having stopped the game to give a penalty just before Roma scored with Abraham.